In Russia, wall to wall came together around 150 Roma and 100 Russians

In the village erupted Krotovka ethnic conflict.

In Russia, the 'wall to wall' came together around 150 Roma and 100 Russians

The village Krotovka Samara region of Russia in the Sunday, August 19, there was a large inter-ethnic fighting, "wall to wall" came together around 150 Roma and 100 Russians.

"At about half past five in the evening, Russians and Gypsies converged wall to wall. Shooting occurred. Lying on the ground sleeve of the chuck. Around full of police, "- said a local resident Ruslan Kasyanov" Komsomolskaya Pravda ".

According to him, the conflict has been brewing for a long time, occasionally there were clashes in the village, but each time they calmed down by police.

At this time the reason for the conflict was a fire in the house, where they live Roma. The fire spread to the house next door, home to Russian. Farmers have caused fire truck.

"We came to put out the fire started home, where he lives a Russian family. Roma is outraged. They attacked the fire and beat them. One of the firemen got strong iron rod, he was taken to the hospital. Firefighters called for help. The peasants began to go out, "- said Ruslan.

As a result of the conflicting parties came together just in the center of the village. According to Ruslan, in the hands of Roma had sticks, rebar, bricks and firearms.

Severely damaged girl. As told Ruslan, Roma beat her first, and then run over. Woman taken to hospital.

The conflict came to nothing in the evening. People went home, when he came to the head of the Roma community and the village police.

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