In size Mayan Crystal Skull is a mathematical code

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In size Mayan Crystal Skull is a mathematical code.
Crystal skulls. Gift Maya?
This is another ancient product, of which modern science prefers to keep quiet. It was found in April 1927, the daughter of an English archaeologist and explorer F.Alberta Mitchell-Hedges in the ancient Mayan city in the tropical jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula (at the time — British Honduras, now — Belize). It was made of transparent quartz and perfectly polished human skull in full size. It weighs 5.13 kg with a very decent size — 124 mm wide, 147 mm high and 197 mm in length. True, he did not have the lower jaw, but three months later just eight meters from the place of occurrence, the skull was found, and it is. It was found that the crystal piece is hung on a perfectly smooth joints and begins to move at the slightest touch.

 In 1924, an expedition of the famous British archaeologist and explorer F.Alberta Mitchell-Hedges carried out work on clearing the ancient city in the jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula. Thirty-three hectares of forest, hiding old buildings, to facilitate excavation burned. When the smoke cleared, the expedition saw the stone ruins of a pyramid, the city walls and a huge amphitheater of thousands of spectators.
In 1927, the Mitchell-Hedges went on an expedition, taking with him his daughter, Anna. Anna just found in the rubble of an ancient altar, made of transparent quartz and perfectly polished human skull in full size. It weighs 5.13 kg with a very decent size — 124 mm wide, 147 mm high and 197 mm in length. Initially, he did not have the lower jaw, but three months later near where the skull was found, and finds it. It was found that the crystal piece is hung on hinges and extremely smooth in motion at the slightest touch.
The researchers noticed that the ancient Indian tradition Maya is mentioned thirteen crystal skulls "Goddess of Death", which were kept separate from each other under the supervision of priests and special warriors. Began their active search, soon gave results. The skulls were found in the vaults of some museums and private individuals: in America, Europe and Asia. Skulls was much more than thirteen. But not all of them have been as perfect as the "Mitchell-Hedges" — most of the skulls were made considerably rougher. Perhaps it was a later attempt to create something like a perfect skull, which is believed to give people once gods.
Skeptics were quick to classify the skull to counterfeit, manufactured at a later time. Sure, some of them are really really is, however, some of them can not be recreated even now.
Research: Properties Crystal Skull
Took up the study of the skull art Dordland Frank. With careful examination, he found in it a system of lenses, prisms, and channels, creating unusual optical effects. This system orbit lights up when installed beneath a light source.
Dordland made some plaster copies of the Crystal Skull and a huge number of images using a microscope. Researcher was amazed that on a perfectly polished crystal even under a microscope to be seen the next. To solve this riddle, he decided to seek advice from the famous company "Hewlett-Packard", specialized in the production of crystal oscillators and is considered the most authoritative on the examination of the quartz.
The study was conducted in 1964 in the laboratory of the company "Hewlett-Packard". According to the conclusions of experts, the skull was made long before the first civilizations in this part of America. The mystery was the place of manufacture skull, neither Mexico nor in all of Central America there are no deposits of rock crystal, the only source it could only be the quartz veins in California, but the rock crystal of such high quality in these areas does not occur.
Here is a summary of the results of his research (I quote the article: But the most startling discovery was that the "antediluvian" skull is made from a single crystal. Moreover, contrary to all known laws of physics.)
Now, what about this said one of the best experts of the company, an engineer L.Barre:
"We studied the skull in three optical axes, and found that it consists of three or four … Analyzing splices splices, we found that the skull was carved from a single piece of crystal with the lower jaw. Mohs rhinestone has high hardness, is seven (second only topaz, corundum and diamond), and nothing but the diamond cut is impossible. But ancient somehow managed to handle it. And not only the skull — they are cut from the same piece jaw and hinge on which it is hung. With such material hardness is more than mysterious, and here's why: in the crystals, if they consist of more than one splice, there are internal stresses.
When you click on a crystal cutter head, then due to the stress he may break into pieces … but this one made the skull of one piece of crystal is so carefully, as though you did not touch him in the cutting process. In the study of the skull we found evidence of the impact of three different abrasives. Finishing it done polishing. We also found some kind of prism, cut in the back of the skull, at its base, so that any ray of light entering the eye socket, is reflected in them. Have a look in his eye socket, and you can see them in the room. "
Agree with the opinion of the expert and his colleagues. To the processing of the skull is not crumbled, needed an exact analytical techniques: cuts should be targeted to the axes of the crystal growth. However, the manufacturer finds a mysterious, this problem seems to be no worry — they worked skull, ignoring all laws and regulations. Professionals from the "Hewlett-Packard" and remained at a loss: "The damned thing simply should not exist. Those who have created it, have no idea of crystallography and fiber optics. They completely ignored the axis of symmetry, and this thing was bound to fall apart for new work. Why is this happening, is impossible to imagine. " However, the fact is called, is obvious: the Crystal Skull — the reality that in the Museum of the American Indian can see anyone.
In my possession is only the size of the Crystal Skull — 124 mm wide, 147 mm high and 197 mm in length. It is not as small as it may seem. Perform here are the simple steps:
(124 147) / 197 = 1.376 = 2 — 0.618 = 1.382;
(124 197) / 147 = 2.184 = 1 +0,618 + b / j = 2,1821;
(147 197) / 124 = 2.774 = 1 + j / b = 2,7727.
Here 0.618 — the golden section, and about the constant can not repeat his own words from an article on Phaistos disk. There, they say, I have a very big and very boring article about the masses of elementary particles and atomic nuclei, which I do not persuade anyone to read up to the end. This is where it starts.
I think you understand what to measure crystal skull to within microns anyone had not come, so if you have any claims to the accuracy of my formula, you should be treated, not me.
I was most interested in the question whether the parameters associated Crystal Skull and Phaistos disk? Actually, of course linked — in both cases, the analysis of parameters immediately appear constants b and j. But is not there among them a deeper connection?
I recall that when divided Phaistos disk diameter 15.8 cm at a minimum thickness of 1.6 cm is obtained
9,875 = j ^ 4 / b ^ 4 = 9.8751.
Now perform this division
9.875 / (1.376 2.184 2.774) = 1.559 = 1 + b / j = 1,5641.
If you divide the sum of the three dimensions of the skull 468 mm at the largest diameter of the Phaistos disc of 165 mm, it is also interesting turns.
When dividing the sum of the three dimensions of the skull 468 mm on average of the minimum and maximum thickness of 18.5 mm Phaistos disk is even more interesting 25.297. Now, you probably should take a look at the picture of this disc with high resolution. In the center you will see the "Daisy" with 8 petals … as they say, neither give nor take … an icon of our contemporary
25.297 divide by 8 … get 3.162. This is what the creator of the New Chronology Fomenko academician swear … you can even say iznichtozhat creator old Scaliger chronology. The fact that the offender to modern science Scaliger was cool proof of the fact that the value of pi may be equal to the square root of 10, and this is just 3.162. Learn more about this funny stories you can read here.
It seems that these two "jokes" was one manufacturer. It would be interesting to compare the weight, but I could not find information about how much weight the Phaistos disk. No decryption is somehow not interested.


Legends associated with the crystal skull

There are ancient legends that tell of the strange rituals associated with crystal skulls. Thirteen priests were both staring into "his" skull. Tradition says that the way the priests could see any secrets — not only what is happening in other places, but also the past and the future, until the end of the world. Legends also say that dedicated to see the turtles in the day of the return of the gods …
Today, some researchers have suggested that the obtained crystal skulls were made in Atlantis and only narrowly survived the disaster. But proponents say the skull space paleocontacts creation aliens. Some scientists believe that the ancients used them for medicinal purposes. So, Joan Parks, inherited the Crystal Skull "Max" from a Tibetan monk, says that the latter is very successfully used the skull in humans. Observation and questioning witnesses researchers have shown that crystal skulls really somehow affect those close to him. And different people — in different ways. Some people feel uncomfortable and weird fears. Some even fainted and briefly lose their memory. Others, on the contrary, a strange calm and even fall into the "blessed" state. It is obvious that the skull (considered thirteen) were made with a purpose. Given that they contain a complex optical system, it could be just a decoration. Tradition of Tibet say unknown to us of the energy used in the ancient City of the Gods with the help of giant mirrors. This suggests an analogy: the optical system of the skulls could perform such a task and provide access to a parallel world.
Perhaps this explains the invisible threat from the fabulous Mayan treasures hidden in the jungles of Mexico. This mystical land archaeologists are very carefully — has not yet been found 16 scientists, who in 1974, under the direction of Mitchell-Hedges conducted excavations of the ancient Mayan city.
Continuation of this story was very sad. In 1997, the Yucatan flew eight Italian travelers who purchased land on it territory in search of ancient Mayan cities and treasures. To facilitate the work of a large area of forest burned. When the smoke cleared, found remains of the pyramid, stone walls, a huge amphitheater with seating for up to thousands of spectators. This was the most ancient city.
But soon gave way to joy researchers fear and anxiety, because, looking at the ruins of the pyramid, they came upon a scattered headless skeleton, which was exactly 16. On some of them remnants of clothing. Personal belongings were scattered near the victims. Among them was a sealed plastic bag in which were found documents and diaries of the Mitchell-Hedges. They described the strange phenomena observed professor. Expedition been looking wonderful crystal skull sun god Kukulkan. This skull allegedly allowed to see the past and the future, and, apparently, the British found it. However, on the unexpected began. First, they have gone all the products and tools, and then mysteriously began to die people. "All around us on all sides has grown impassable wall of trees and prickly poisonous plants — wrote Mitchell-Hedges. — Exhausted people are not able to do anything. Every day we lose one member of the expedition. Truly strange things happen. Someone invisible comes at night and in the pitch darkness decapitates sleeping, then settles into an amphitheater. In the darkness you see nothing. Perhaps Kukulkan, the god of the sun, we decided to take revenge, despite the fact that we put the skull there, where they took — under the altar. We have only five people … "
Italians immediately began to gather in the back. However, curiosity got the better: everyone was eager to look at the magic skull. After all, he was lying in plain view, in a small alcove under the altar. It was an exact replica of a human skull made of polished quartz, covered with gold (in literature called "golden skull"). Travelers instantly forgot that Professor wrote in his diary, and as if spellbound, began to consider the amazing product. Skull like phosphorescence, on the surface there are small cells, each of which displays changing images that resemble tableaux. Curiosity was fatal to the researchers. No one had seen of the mysterious crystal skull was not able to return home, — members of the expedition were found decapitated.

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