In South America, people are suffering from the cold, and in Europe — from the heat

Dozens of people have been victims in Bolivia strongest snowstorm. In several parts of the country declared a state of emergency. The traditionally warm countries came abnormal cold. And in Europe, even for the middle of summer is too hot. The thermometer rises higher.

For Bolivia snowy landscapes — an unusual sight. And they could very well become a tourist attraction, if the situation does not become extraordinary. From the cold has killed at least 35 people. The strongest in the last quarter-century snowstorms cut off from the outside world dozens of mountain villages in the south-west of the country. Hostage to the weather were more than 7 thousand people. To many communities can only be reached by air, and in the arsenal of two Bolivian rescue helicopter. Now they supply to the affected areas food, medicine, fuel and warm clothes. But this technique is not enough to provide people with all they need.

"We do not know what to do. We just desperate! Our children are sick!" — A woman crying.

Road services are working at full capacity, but to cope with such volumes of snow quickly fails. Bolivian authorities asked for help neighbors.

Residents of Austria and Slovenia unpleasantly surprised hail the size of a hen's egg. Element eliminated over three thousand acres of vineyards. Hailstones punched through the roofs of houses and left dents in cars. Thousands of homes were left without electricity. The damage is estimated by experts for about one million euros.

"Because of the hail in some areas of a power outage. A few areas we had to cut down in order to repair the network. But now, like, all established", — the representative of the government.

The rest of Europe, meanwhile, wearied by the heat wave. For a week the temperature in Hungary, Italy and Bulgaria does not go below 30 degrees. In Greece, the temperature at all breaks all records — plus 42 in the shade. Blame a wave of hot air from North Africa.

"This is the second and last time I came to Rome in July. Now here I was not dragged by force. And I are here only because of his granddaughter. Autumn in the city is much more pleasant," — says a pensioner.

According to weather forecasts, the heat in the Old World will last at least until the weekend, and while the Europeans and tourists are looking for about cool fountains.

Author: Olga Hodinova

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