In the anomalous zone time stops

December 23, 2011 6:39

In the forest Pokaiņi — one of the most popular in the former USSR anomalous zones — hot stones and shining air

Winter blister

Anita Bisenietse, a geographer by profession and a resident of the only surviving in the forest farm Vetspokayni shows me wonderful small stones (3.5 sq. km.) Forest. Here Stone Bride him lead darling boy to get an answer is whether a strong union? Here's a boulder, as if healing of degenerative disc disease. But relieving joint pain.
Eight centuries ago, there came together in battle Semigallians, the local tribe, and I had the Crusaders.

According to legend, the leader Zemgale Namejs received power from local stones and therefore long remained unbeaten for the "Teutonic Knights." A wounded soldiers came to a small lake with medicinal water, it helped recover quickly. By the way, this is a small lake, whose banks carefully lined with boulders, survived. Today psychics say the positive energy of its dark waters.

Nearby, on the highest hill of the forest hid the women and children left without the protection of men, when they fought the Crusaders. With rituals known only Semigallians, they could make themselves invisible.
— Some still are trying to achieve invisibility, — says Anita — although, in my opinion, it is dangerous experience: you can enter a special state, and then out of it does not come out.
Home is the mystery pokaynskih stones, for which tourists come here, — thermal anomaly. Some of the stones, even on cold days before hot that warm palm. Others, however, even in the heat pour cold.
— Three girls from Talsi — says Anita — propped his hands to warm stone — and the eyes of the brush their hands wrinkled like a deep old women.
During another tour at the fifth-grader, put her hand to the warm stone, the left hand was noticeably larger than the right. Anita then not again to touch the boulder that caused this oddity, and one day it burned her hand, which screamed.
But the rock around which the snow melts any frost, although the thermal measurements of soil does not show anything special.
Every guest Pokaynskogo forest finds its stones, warming it instead. And the views of different people can be different.

Hours muzzy

Rumors about the strangeness Pokaiņi long attracted the attention of scientists. The first was an American professor Jim Hurtok specialist from NASA. Photographs taken from space, he saw a circle diameter of 340 kilometers from the center in Pokaynskom forest.
Physicist from Riga Yevgeny Sidorov took photos, which show shiny objects — the diagonal beam and ball hovering near the shaman's drum, — visited the forest shaman performed a ritual ceremony. Neither Sidorov, nor his companions of the glow was observed. Scientist came to the conclusion that they occur in the infrared.
One hypothesis to explain the nature of the shining structure similar to ball lightning, they appear where the heterogeneity of time — or it is accelerated or slowed down.
According to Anita Bisenietse, in violation of the temporary rate Pokaiņi not uncommon. So many tourists wandering in broad daylight, they often fear. The state of stress is known to alter human subjective time — remember the stories of soldiers who so clearly saw the flight of the bullet, which had time to dodge it.
Another question: why here watch any design — from the wrist to the laboratory — often acting up? Yevgeny Sidorov version: in the land of the anomalous zone formed some energy facilities with a powerful electromagnetic radiation.
Anita Bisenietse closely matches the judgment of psychics and healers, which many of the tourists. Intuitions often coincide with legends Semigallians.
For example, psychics trying to get round one picturesque, but a gloomy swamp — this negative energy. Unlike Anita they do not know that near the enchanted swamp Lielkangaru locals repeatedly observed white and red balls.
Buried near the road Namejs chief's daughter. The location of this grave Anita pointed independently four women from different regions of Russia and Ukraine. There are no coincidences, convinced Anita.

By Savely Kashnitsky

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