In the Balkans, traffic jams and power outages

Hurricane winds and heavy snowfall caused chaos in Montenegro and in other Balkan countries. In the capital Podgorica, as well as most of the coastal communities today was recorded hurricane wind speed gusts of 100 km / h

In the breaking of lines, many homes were without power, toppled billboards, felled many trees, some of which fell on cars parked on the streets.

A similar situation exists in Macedonia, where the wind speed up to 90 km / h was accompanied by heavy snowfall, which caused serious damage in the capital Skopje and the surrounding area.

Wind gusts felled there not only trees, but also mast street lighting. Were closed because of snowfall important motorways, including connecting Macedonia with neighboring Bulgaria.

Heavy snowfall has blocked roads in Bulgaria for more than 4 thousand vehicles, but because of a wire break, thousands of homes were left without electricity.

In Austria, the blizzard stopped train service on the main line connecting the east and west of the country. Brunt of the disaster was in the federal state of Tyrol, where the focus popular ski resorts.

Two railway lines connecting the area to the south of Germany, also do not function as fallen trees damaged going over the ways the power cables, the ITAR-TASS news agency.

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