In the Baltic Sea may have sunk UFO

June 10, 2012 9:42

Off the coast of Latvia — in the depths of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland may have sunk huge flying saucer. Swedish scientists next week plans to make a eye opener and provide evidence of their unique finds.

Swedish oceanographers reported that a year ago at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, the waters of the Gulf of Bothnia, they found a mysterious object in the form of a disk.

Perhaps the object of extraterrestrial origin, and may have something to talk about other civilizations, say scientists.

18-meter object was found at a depth of 92 meters. According to oceanographers, around the bottom "plate" is very pitted. In turn, ufologists believe that the mysterious object was found similar to the legendary saga of space ships from George Lucas 'Star Wars.'
Expedition leader Peter Lindsberg said that for 18 years of his career he'd ever find on the sea floor a lot of strange things, but this was the disc-shaped find it by this mystery. He is sure that if it's not a UFO, then surely the "new Stonehenge."

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