In the Battle of the Psychics converged Viking, Kusturica and the girl-indigo


On the first task — to determine what is behind the black screen, to the right 30 people from 170.
The first round. Participants determined that behind the screen. Photo J. Novoselova

This week began casting the third season of "The Battle of psychics" on the STB. In the first qualifying round was attended by 170 people, not only from Ukraine, but also from Moldova, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Only 30 of them have coped with the first task — to determine what is behind a black screen (the correct answer is kept secret, we just jokingly said that it is not "exotic flower", or "black cabinet"). By the way, one of the participants immediately refused the test — they say, "my aura and a half meters acts as a screen to four meters."

The audience who came to participate in the transfer, was more than interesting — a seemingly ordinary people, and talk to each other are on the karmic knots, remember that the "grandfather kept me in the evenings on yourself, so I can get the energy space", etc. . Externally distinguished 13-year-old girl from Odessa Anastasia indigo with a stunning look that shone as if everything around thoroughly, blond, bearded "Viking" Sergei was like a good-natured bear, contrasted with it a sort of "Kusturica" — pyshnovolosy seer Moses.

In the following rounds psychics have to find someone (in the past auditions hid in the trunk of his car, behind the mirrors), and in a dense mask covering his eyes, to determine who sits in front of (previously identified were Oleg Violin and Nestor Shufrich). After these tests, the project will be only 10-12 people, and that will be over 10 programs to conduct paranormal battle on television.

And yet, the most important battle — not there, not in front of the cameras. In a conversation with one of the participants of the show, we learned that psychics … make each other "dirty tricks"! Energy and can suck, and some "print" to impose. It is curious that miracles are happening not only on set, but next to it. In the past, psychics have helped find a lost box of video tapes and video recording in a home where killing maniac Anatoly Onopriyenko, was spoiled by unexplained white patches.

Go Live "Battle of the Psychics-3" will be released in October.

Bogdan Petric

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