In the cemetery of some birds become squares and parks of Vologda

Vologda finding dozens of dead birds. People are concerned about the possible spread of various infections.

Sunday walk in the park for Vologzhanina Alexei was unpleasant — he found several dead birds: "On Sunday, walking at the military cemetery — counted 10 bodies of crows and jackdaws. Then in the park veterans found dead — and fresh and decomposed. Our home is probably the bird fell two months ago, and now I've seen fresh corpses. I think this is the bird flu. I do not like dead birds, which lay on the military cemetery, because I do not want it turned into a cemetery, not only for veterans, but also for these birds. I want the corpses of birds picking at least! "

However, the question of avian influenza is not, assured the Acting Chief of the Office of Rosselkhoznadzor Vologda Natalia Maximova: "The situation for avian influenza in the safe. Passes laboratory monitoring of wild birds in spring and autumn. As for birds such as pigeons, the reasons of case may be underfeeding, poisoning or disease etiology noncontagious. "

By the way, cases of mass bird deaths have occurred recently in several countries. And the reason remains unknown — said about the bad environment, and the approach of the end of the world. In line with this phenomenon Vologda death of birds can not be set, according to Natalia Maximova: "The cause has not been established real. Especially on the territory of the Russian Federation did not do so. I assume that if the pigeons died, just poisoned food, which happens to be in the attic. "

In any case, the bodies of birds must be disposed of, the director of the enterprise "Zelenstroy" Michael Chebotkov: "All these dead birds should be disposed of in the prescribed manner. This should be the organizations that are engaged in catching stray animals. On the ground, these bodies can not enter. This biological waste, they must in any case be burned in the ovens, because they do not know the circumstances in which they died, and it all can then spread the city. "

Note that the dead birds can be dangerous — they live germs that contaminate the soil. These spores are viable for decades and can be transmitted to domestic animals, and from them — man.

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