In the Chelyabinsk region appeared piranhas

The village Agapovka (Chelyabinsk region) man caught in the Ural River piranha. Rybak says he has never seen this kind of predatory fish in its "native" water body.

The man immediately posted pictures of their catch to the Internet. However, many users have questioned the reliability of information. The opinion. That the photos are fake.

However, some residents Agapovka already fear that soon, in the Urals will not swim.

Normal habitat piranhas are fresh water in South America. Also fixed a small population in the United States and Mexico. But recently caught piranhas of increasing talk in Russia.

For example, last year the predator caught in fishermen Beloyarsk reservoir in the Sverdlovsk region. And in 2009, an unusual catch for fishermen boasted Uvildy.

And already this year at Salt Lake near Rostaova-on-Don at the bait a local man caught two-pound predator. According to experts, it was raised in captivity and released to the wild for fun. Now, residents of nearby communities fear that the predator gave offspring, and thus on the lake can act out scenes of the worst horror movies.

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