In the Chinese city of Chongqing was observed UFOs


The newspaper Chongqing Morning Post reported on September 2 that the series of unidentified flying object was seen on August 31 at 7:00 pm in Dazu County, Chongqing Municipality in mainland China. UFO seen in several villages repeatedly appeared in the sky. One child cried, "aliens," and ran away, hiding at home. Villagers watched the UFO before 10 pm, they claimed that before have not seen anything like it.

Flying saucers were like a ferris wheel

Liao Yuykun, a farmer from the area Tszitszya Carvings, saw some bright lights in the sky when he collected in his wheat field. At first he thought the lights were spotlights, but he soon realized that they move across the sky like flying saucers.

"A few plates left behind trail of white smoke in the places where they flew," — said Liao. "They were translucent, yellow, when I saw them at a distance of about 500 meters." "Periodically they hung in midair, and after a few minutes began to rotate like a ferris wheel," — said Liao. "From where I was standing, it looked as if they rotate in unison."

Liao called my friend Dan Daychuanyu, who lived five miles from his home. Dan also saw a UFO. "Several times I could see only one plate, and sometimes I could see several objects at once," — said Dan. Dan also called his friends from his village, inviting them to come and look at the UFO.

White light illuminated the night sky

At 9:30 pm Dan saw a bright object approaching in the distance. He seemed to be heading straight towards the other UFOs. Then suddenly there was a blinding flash and the lights of the sky streaked with yellow flames. Then, just as suddenly, the moving object had disappeared from the sky.
Liao described the white line as if she divided the night sky into two parts. Stars in the first half of the sky could be clearly seen. The other part of the sky was shut down, as if hidden from view. After half an hour plates disappeared, and the sky was back to normal.
The next day, people were discussing what they saw. Some said that UFOs were aliens, some believed that they were satellites, others said that it could be weather balloons or searchlights.

Bureau of Meteorology Dazu district confirmed that on that day there was no vypusheno weather balloon. In addition, people from areas of Nanping and Yunchuan also claimed that they had seen a UFO in the day.

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