In the Dnieper near Khortitsa detected sword Svyatoslav

In the Dnieper near Khortitsa detected sword Svyatoslav

The fisherman pulled from the depths of ancient warrior weapons Dnieper. Seeing rarity, archaeologists clutching his head. They say that the sword belongs to the son of Princess Olga, the builder of Kievan Rus Prince Svyatoslav, who, according to the chronicles, in 972 killed in action near Khortitsa.

Giant bronze sword — Prince Svyatoslav — some years towers over the waterfront Zaporozhye. Monument established citizens, relying only on scanty information ancient record, which states that Svyatoslav died exactly on the Dnipro rapids.

Sensational support of this version fished about Zaporozhian Khortitsa fisherman Sergei booze.

SERGEI booze, fisherman: Possible place of death of the prince of Kiev Svyatoslav Igorevich, 972 a year. And just 200 meters from this stela, here in the heart of the Dnieper, and raised his sword. That is all grown together.

Fisherman wonders artifact was on dvadtsatimetrovoy depth strangely "pecked" at normal spinning on which man was hoping to catch a fish.

SERGEI booze, fisherman: hook stuck in this rust, just at some millimeter held, but more importantly, he got up … the sword. He just, apparently, it's time came to lie on the floor, he had to think.

Local scientists, fishermen who gave the find stunned: weapons tenth century belonged to a very noble warrior. Look at the sword hilt is decorated with gold, silver and copper, have already arrived in Kiev metropolitan professionals.

EMPLOYEE OF THE MUSEUM: You see, what are the artistic features of the sword.

ANDREW Avdiyenko, academician of Ukraine: the probability that this sword to Prince Svyatoslav so great that, in principle, this is something special and you can not doubt.

Scientists say that the thousand weapons storage in fresh water is likely to contribute to the natural sarcophagus of silt and sand. Remember that at the time of construction it was near DnieproGES Khortitsa already found five swords of the Kievan Rus. Those rarities disappeared during the war.

Sword without scabbard — a sure sign that the weapons lost in battle.

Maxim Ostapenko, Director General of the National Reserve "Khortytsya": We have before us a sample that has been exposed to water for a thousand years ago directly from the hands of the man who held it, so to speak, in a fighting position.

Sergei Rybak Pyankov considers himself a hero: finding the mother gave the museum, although collectors offered for a lot of money.

SERGEI booze, fisherman: I understand that this is purely a thing that should belong Khortitse because I myself love Khortytsya, and even the thought did not occur, although, yes, had all sorts of suggestions, but I knew that his place should be here.

Meter rarity so far covered with rust, but after a few months he was restored, to see the beauty of its rich decoration. For the sake of the Cossacks had already found 25,000 hryvnia.


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