In the Far East, crashed UFOs


Sensational news reported by the weekly "Life" in the Far East crashed UFO. This is an incident that occurred on May 27 around 10:30 am local time in the skies over the North Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc. According to eyewitnesses, first heard a loud explosion, and then the sky fell down pieces of metal, one of which struck the roof of a house. The largest of them — the size of 70 to 150 centimeters.

In this case, the military is still difficult to determine the type of the crashed machine. We only know that it exploded at an altitude of about eight kilometers. However, ufologists have no doubt that this machine belongs to aliens. In particular, the head of the Far Eastern Research Center UFO Victor Brier sure that the aliens have a strict itinerary and if they are looking for traces of a similar event occurring over Dalnegorsk in 1986, when a strange reddish two-meter diameter ball dropped onto the rocks.

Interestingly, the Vietnamese island and the Russian town are practically on the same track with VILYUISKY region of Yakutia, where Czech scientists have discovered traces of civilization — the ten-metal boilers. According to UFO researchers, these objects hidden under the base of the aliens. In this regard, in the process of preparing a comprehensive expedition with the assistance of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which should finally answer the question about the phenomenon.

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