In the Khabarovsk region created a burn center

On the basis of regional clinical hospital № 2 of Khabarovsk started the burn center, the largest in the territory from Vladivostok to Novosibirsk. At the same time it be treated 40 patients will be able to not only residents of the region, but the whole of the Far East.

The healing process in the modern complexes is faster. Burn treatment of one patient with extensive lesions of the costs in the amount of 700 thousand to 1.5 million rubles. So, the month of the apparatus "artificial kidney" is worth about 200,000. With the use of advanced technologies such procedures the patient must now do less.

The implementation of the program "Modernization of the Health of the Khabarovsk Krai in 2011-2012" will be continued: currently being renovated clinic number 1 in Khabarovsk, a regional clinical hospital № 1 is preparing a room for a CT scanner, the overhaul of psychotherapy center and offices of regional psychiatric hospital . Total for major repairs and equipment of health care will be spent in 2012 about 600 million rubles.

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