In the Khabarovsk region is started in the plant for the production of veneer sheets

JSC "Dallesprom" (Amursk, Khabarovsk territory, is part of the RFP Group) Within the project "Establishment of the Far Eastern Center of deep wood processing" launched into commercial operation a plant for the production of veneer sheets.

Plant for the production of veneer sheets capacity of 300 thousand m? per year will be the first link in the complex "Far Eastern Center of deep processing of timber." By the opening of the plant will create 263 new jobs for residents Amursk. It is expected that following the 2013 tax payments businesses in the regional budget will amount to 70 million rubles.

Further development center provides expansion capacity factory production lines of dry lumber, MDF, wood chips, and then — in 2018 — access to the production of kraft pulp.

  • Stages of creation
  • Stages of creation

In this area has completed the installation and commissioning of the main processing equipment Hashimoto Denki (Japan), is output and was shipped to the consumer, the report says.

Also at the site of the center has completed the construction of the exchange of raw materials for the production of veneer, access, and in-plant railroads, electricity supply facilities.

The specialists of the manufacturer's equipment technology boiler Politeknik (Austria) is working out regimes for thermal energy portion of the hydrothermal treatment of wood and veneer drying area.

The works on the reconstruction of the building department to accommodate productions of peeled veneer and lumber.

In the framework of the project "Establishment of Far Eastern Center for wood processing" is also planned:

— in the first stage (in addition to running veneer) organization production dry timber (230 thousand m³ per year) MDF (300 thousand m³ per year), and pulpchips (500 thousand m³ per year). The total annual consumption of wood in the industries will be more than 2 million m? year.

On a mill made the project documentation, the contract for the supply of equipment by Springer (Austria). Delivery of the equipment is scheduled for H1 2013

— in the second stage, during the period from 2014 to 2018 is planned to increase the volume of industrial production of dry veneer and lumber, and the construction and launch facilities for pulp. The total consumption of wood as a result of the implementation of the second phase will exceed 6 million m? year.

Currently, work is continuing on changes in the concept of the project in terms of volumes and product mix, creating the production of board production, the timing of the project, the size of investment.

The claimed investment in the project — 12,054,900,000 rubles. Been disbursed since 2009 — the beginning of the project the order of 4.8 billion rubles.

  • The concept of the center
  • The concept of the center

RFP Group — one of the leading forest holdings in Russia, established in 2004 through the merger of logging companies and the Far East's largest shipping company Khabarovsk Territory.

RFP Group manages forestry business, including logging, wood processing, sale and delivery of timber products in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as a logistics complex, including freight, passenger transport and stevedoring services for sea and river routes of the Far East. Holding enterprises, located in the Amur Region, Khabarovsk and Primorye territories, employs about 6,000 people.


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