In the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District opened the most modern in the Russian gas processing complex

February 22, in the Nefteyugansk district Khanty-Mansiysk opened a gas processing complex "Prirazlomnoe." This was during a press conference on the event, said First Deputy Governor of Ugra Alexander Kim.

"Today is a significant day, mining 10-billion tons of oil — this international event," — began by Alexander Kim. "The second extraordinary event today — it's starting to Prirazlomny gas processing plant. It is the most high-tech project in gas processing that exists today in the Russian Federation ", — He said.  

He was followed by Andrew Nepomnyashchii — CEO "Monolith", run the plant at Prirazlomnoe: "Six years ago we signed an agreement to build a complex with the leadership of the county in 2008 — with the largest state-owned company" Rosneft ". So there was a project "Prirazlomnoe." Three and a half years, and today we have launched this project ", — Said Forgetful.

According Nepomnyashchikh, the new complex is superior to anything that has been built in Russia before. "In the depth of processing — is getting 99% of raw materials contained in the hydrocarbon fractions. Next, methane will be used in the power industry, the heavier fractions — propane, butane — as a raw material for the petrochemical industry and as an automotive fuel ", — Said the businessman.

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