In the Kharkiv region build livestock farms

"Now in the Kharkiv region a number of large investment projects in the field of animal husbandry" — said "Radio Slobozhanshchina" Deputy Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration for Agriculture Vitaly Alekseichuk.

According to him, from the beginning of the year was given the task — in every area of the field to build or remodel farm. "So it means — to sharply increase the number of livestock in the Kharkiv region of livestock: cattle, pigs, poultry, and so on. We have plans for a large pig farms and dairy farms complexes in Novovodolazhskoye, Kupyansk, Kharkov, Kolomak areas. Investors have work by investing in this sector in different areas of the region, "- said V.Alekseychuk.

So, he said, in a. Millet (Novovodolazhsky district, Kharkiv region.) Ends with the construction of new poultry farms for growing broilers at 250 thousand units and new slaughterhouse capacity of 3.5 million chickens per hour. This is an investment project of more than 100 mln. In the same area is built svinokomleks. "In the area of Kolomak group" Agrotrejd "building a farm for 75 mln., And these projects have in many areas. Kupyansk In the construction of a modern dairy complex with milk milking parlor" Carousel. "This is the first of this type of milking parlor, which will appear on Kharkiv. Also there are works on the creation of the pig farm at 20000 Dvurechansky goals in the area, "- said V.Alekseychuk.

In addition, the Deputy Governor said that the work of the Agricultural Complex "Slobozhanskiy", which was suspended in 2011, will soon be resumed. "Today, on this set a new investor — the company" Caravan ", which successfully runs its reconstruction. Already in June at the complex will be supplied 2.5 thousand sows, and as much again — in September. Already this year, we plan to get on this 30,000 pig farm animals, and in 2013, the plant plans to enter the design capacity of 130 thousand head, although earlier there was a maximum — 57000. This will be one of the largest complexes in Ukraine ", — said V.Alekseychuk. According to him, the company is now run out reconstruction work.

"Although our region is still lagging behind and in animal husbandry, but we are working, and I think that by the end of the year will come to the level of 2011 and 2013 will be a year of breakthrough in animal husbandry" — added V.Alekseychuk.


Help "SQ". As reported on March 5 Acting Chief of the agro-industrial development of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Elena Kulik, Kharkiv region is ready to implement the seven priority investment projects. According E.Kulik in 2012 is planned to implement 24 investment projects in the field of agriculture and processing. Already executed in the prescribed form 12 projects, however, priority is given to seven. In particular, the agricultural company "Svitanok" in Novovodolazhskoye district plans to build a pig farm on 24,000 heads per year with a closed production cycle. Another project — a complex for the production of pork in Kupyansk area on 12,000 pigs. In Barvenkovsky district agricultural company is ready to build a grocery complex for the production of pork. In the area of company Zolochinskliy "Sintal-Agrotrejd" plans to build a grain-complex, designed for 100 thousand tons of grain. Zmiyevskaya vegetable factory plans to expand production capacity to grow greenhouse vegetables. Another project is the construction of the wholesale market in the Dergachyovsky district. The seventh project is the realization of the project "Village of the Future."

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