In the Kherson region Austrian Prinzhorn Holding has opened a new plant for the production of corrugated packaging

In April, the concern Dunapack Packaging, included in the Austrian industrial group Prinzhorn Holding, officially opened a new plant for the production of corrugated packaging Dunapack brand in Tsyurupynsk.

Event was attended by Nicholas backbone, the governor of Kherson region; Printshorn Thomas, CEO of Prinzhorn Holding; Kord Printshorn, CFO Prinzhorn Holding and officials Dunapack Packaging from Austria and Ukraine.

The volume of investment in the new plant in Tsyurupynsk was 38 million euros. Upon reaching full power plant will create up to 250 jobs and with the functioning plant in Lviv region will increase the overall performance Dunapack Packaging in Ukraine, which will take about 20% of the Ukrainian market of packaging products. 

A new plant with a capacity of 150 million square meters. meters of corrugated packaging in the year has fast BHS corrugator width of 2.5 m Multiple processing lines produce flat and rotary die-cutting and chetyrehklapannye boxes with flexo. The total area of factory is 24,000 square meters The plant has a modern laboratory and equipment for packaging design.

Dunapack Tavriia aims to become the leading producer of corrugated packaging in the south of Ukraine due to the service and new packaging solutions, such as a display package, the new structure of vegetable and fruit trays, etc. The company pays special attention to the production of packaging for the food and agricultural industries.

Dunapack Tavriia is a long term investment. The opening of the enterprise demonstrates the commitment of the Group to continue to operate in the market of Ukraine. "The new plant fits well into our strategy — to become a major investor in the Black Sea region, as we already have production facilities in Austria, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine, and in a short time — and in Turkey," — says Entsenberg Alexander, director Dunapack Packaging.

With the opening of the new plant Dunapack Packaging is a leading manufacturer of corrugated packaging in Ukraine. Dunapack Tavriia is the second company in the concern in Ukraine, and is based on the success achieved by the first working Dunapack-Ukraine in Lviv region, with a capacity of 20 million square feet. m, and the staff — 77 people.

Concern Dunapack Tavriia invested heavily in the training and education of specialists in production and sales, which took place many months training at the factories of the concern in Austria, Bulgaria and Poland. "Our well-trained and dynamic staff — one of our key competitive advantages," — said Denis Belkovsky, CEO Dunapack Tavriia.

To ensure reliable operation of the enterprise and the best use of company resources, Dunapack Tavriia introduced advanced enterprise resource management system, which controls all business processes — from raw material acquisition, planning, and production to logistics and accounting.

Dunapack Packaging — part of the Austrian Prinzhorn Holding. "Our group is committed to further develop the business in Ukraine, and we are grateful to the Ukrainian authorities, in particular the head of the administration of the Kherson region Mykola the backbone for their support to us," — says Kord Printshorn, CFO Prinzhorn Holding. "We believe the growing markets of Central and Eastern Europe, a key objective of our work and are proud to further strengthen our leading position continues today the opening of a new plant in the Ukraine."

Special attention to the needs of the buyer, the experience of individual production, high quality standards and comply with all environmental standards — these are the main strengths and values of concern Dunapack, which will be further developed in the framework of the approved investment program.

In the state of Prinzhorn Holding 3,650 employees in 12 countries, the Group is one of the leaders of European waste paper, paper and corrugated board packaging. With production capacity of 1.6 million tons of recovered paper and containerboard turnover of 1 billion euros, Prinzhorn Holding is a family-owned company, whose headquarters is located in a suburb of Vienna Oberwaltersdorf, Austria. The Group consists of three divisions: Hamburger Recycling Group (paper collection), Hamburger Containerboard (containerboard production) and Dunapack Packaging (corrugated packaging).

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