In the past year, the Corps of Engineers have a new special technique and equipment

In the past year under the state defense order in the engineering corps of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation entered the modern special equipment: new tug boats, motor-BMK-225 military truck cranes, upgraded protective suits sapper, seekers of explosives, blasting agents charges and other engineering tools.


Entered into force over 100 cranes seem to be very reliable, which allows working with the most dangerous cargoes such as nuclear weapons.

Also in the Royal Engineers repaired more than 200 units of various heavy machinery — tracked mine layers, engineering machinery razgrazhdeniya, tracklayers, heavy mechanized bridges, etc.

Conducted 5 research and development (R &D) to develop sets of inflatable models of weapons, Mountain Cable Car, water purification methods, and other topics.

Next year, the Corps of Engineers to equip with the latest technology, modernization, and for R &D is planned amount of 2 times the cost of this year.

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