In the psycho-neurological boarding Tulyushkinskom (Irkutsk region). Opened a new residential housing

In the psycho-neurological boarding Tulyushkinskom (Kuitun district) opened a new residential building with 50 seats. Direction for permanent residence in the village Tulyushka received for 37 young people with disabilities in need of social services, the Minister of Social Development, the guardianship of the Irkutsk Oblast Vladimir Rodionov.

Construction of residential building began in 2006, when the expense of the target program "Promotion of Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation of the Disabled in the Irkutsk region" for years 2006 — 2010 the establishment was allocated 5.5 million rubles. However, due to lack of funding, construction was suspended. In 2012, on completion of the works of regional treasury allocated 9.1 million rubles.

The rooms in the building are designed for two — three people, equipped with all facilities, purchased new furniture.
Vladimir Rodionov said that the completion of the long-term construction of great attention. The commissioning of the new building will allow the psycho-neurological boarding improve the living conditions of residents. In addition, reduced turn to the institutions of this type, which is now about 600 people. In boarding conducted medical and social rehabilitation of patients: they provide specialized medical care, and work circles, exhibitions. On the territory of the facility built hockey court, there are summer volleyball and basketball courts, a mini-football and a gym. Workshops arranged work (shoemaking, sewing, carpentry), on a plot area of 258 ha of cultivated vegetables contain 328 heads of livestock.

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