In the Tomsk region create new fire stations

The village Porotnikova Bakcharskogo district opened a new fire post. This is the 85th post, created in the Tomsk region since 2009.

The new post will provide protection of the five towns with a population of 910 people. The current building was built by the post of the municipality. The post is equipped with new fire-fighting vehicles and the corresponding set of fire-technical equipment. At present, the specially trained rescue workers and firefighters will soon begin bearing a duty around the clock.

Since the beginning of 2012 in the Tomsk region is open seven new positions, plans to open another six.

After the opening of the planned positions under fire protection will be three-quarters of the region's communities. In the remaining 148 municipalities with fewer than 500 employees are organized volunteer fire departments and detachments from among the local people and organizations.

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