In the Tomsk region opened a modern greenhouse complex

The first production — more than 30 tons of cucumbers and 150 thousand tons of salads and green crops — grown and harvested in a modern greenhouse complex in the village of Trubachevo in the Tomsk region.

Complex was inaugurated on February 10 — exactly nine months after the decision on its construction. 

Greenhouse Complex area of about three hectares equipped with the most modern equipment, water treatment system, necessary household and laboratory rooms. The first seedlings of cucumbers and green crops are planted in late November last year and has already received the first harvest.


The head of the Tomsk region Victor Kress cucumber hit the spot: "The quality is outstanding, excellent, well-art technology. I'd really like this to continue to plant an area of 8 hectares was the end of next year, is built entirely. Now residents of Tomsk and the Tomsk region have the opportunity to purchase quality products all year round. "


Arkady Ants, vice-president of the association "Greenhouses of Russia" at the opening, said today that it is the most complete and modern greenhouse complex in Russia, which applies the latest technical and technological means. "Now there is one task — to develop technology for the production and achieve the highest production results," — he stressed.

According to the draft crop of cucumbers in greenhouses will be 70-80 kg of tomatoes — 25-30 kg per year per square meter. Such a high performance vegetables will be achieved through new varieties and modern technologies, which include automatically controlled climate (humidity, light and temperature) and the power supply system in hydroponics. Another component of high productivity — the very constructive solution greenhouses. The area of the "glass house" at the moment is 27 thousand square meters. meters. Greenhouses heated by gas.


The investor of the project is of "Tomskzelenstroy." The cost of the first phase of greenhouses was about 380 million rubles. The project has worked under a public-private partnership, with the support of the regional and federal budgets. The second stage is a 6-hectare investor intends to launch in 2013. "There is a preparation of construction documents, work will begin this year", — said the director of "Tomskzelenstroy" Galina Shanin.

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