In the TPU will prepare specialists of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries


The Institute of Natural Resources of the Tomsk Polytechnic University started creating a unique research and education training center for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Finance this project will be the largest Russian pharmaceutical company, "R-Pharm", which concluded on the eve of TPU key treaties.

New Research and Education Center "TPU-R-Pharm" is created at the Department of Physical and Analytical Chemistry, Institute of Natural Resources. It will be a training complex with modern multimedia classrooms, equipped with the most advanced laboratory and pilot equipment. The laboratory will establish German biofermenter Biostat C plus the latest modifications. Such equipment is not yet in Russia. Biofermenter fully automated, can be made from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

"This is a unique equipment intended for the cultivation of microorganisms, — Said Abdigali Bakibayev, head of the Physical and analytical chemistries of the Institute of Natural Resources. — For example, it is possible to grow the various vaccines and in sufficiently large quantities. "

Also in the new center designed modern multimedia hall for lectures, seminars, classical and e-learning, training, remote video conferencing, presentations and reports. The future plans of the center — retrofit process equipment and the formation of R &D-center in the field of biopharmaceuticals. The total investment to the end of 2012 will reach 32 million. Of them in the framework of the signed contracts ZAO "R-Pharm" to allocate 6 million to equip the center and another 2.5 million on the formation of a scholarship fund for talented chemistry students TPU.

In parallel with the organizational issues and the purchase of equipment designed and intellectual content of the center. A unique master's degree program designed to prepare professionals for the production and research in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology is also being modernized basic university courses in chemistry, biology and related disciplines, taking into account the practical possibilities provided by the new center;, the priority research areas.

"Staffing of innovative high-tech industries, of course, relevant and important task. And the quality of the solutions to this problem depends on how it will develop the pharmaceutical industry in our country, — Explains Abdigali Bakibayev. — The interest on the part of the business in this matter is clear. But they should not stand by and wait for the reform of the educational market to new needs, and invest in the development. In this context, cooperation and R-Pharm of Tomsk Polytechnic University can be an interesting and a good example. "

The opening ceremony will be held later this year, and the effect of his work will be felt in the coming issues of bachelor's and master's core specialties.

To work at the center will be involved not only representatives of the university teaching staff, but also the expert practitioners of Russian and international pharmaceutical companies. In the short term — the definition of a key international partner of the educational center and the creation of double degree program with the provision of international graduate diploma. Is also currently negotiating with a number of pharmaceutical companies and educational institutions to participate in the development of the project.

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