In the Tula region opened a high-tech manufacture of electron-optical components

November 30. RUSNANO project company "Germanium and Applications", has launched a new high-tech manufacture of electron-optical components in Novomoskovsk (Tula region).


The company is a complex for the production of semiconductor germanium and its products produced by LLC "Germanium and Applications", with the participation of RUSNANO. The total budget of the project amounts to 2,160 million rubles, of which RUSNANO — up to 790 million rubles.
Main products manufacturing new — slabs germanium — discs, bars and plates including thin and sferizovannye lens blank.


Diagonal rectangular blanks from 6 to 300 mm diameter round — 300 mm lens diameter — 200 mm. In 2012-2013. range will complement the optical windows, prisms, lenses, and substrates.


Annual production is expected at 4.3 tons per year. By 2013 it is planned to mutilate up to 6 tons.

Germanium and its compounds are used in high-tech fields of engineering, medicine and industry. Optics of germanium is used in night vision devices. Germanium is also used in radiation detectors. From it are made substrates for photovoltaic cells used in solar panels (especially space-based). In Illumination germanium is used as a reagent for the production of phosphors, the chemical industry — as a catalyst, used in metallurgy for the manufacture of special alloys in medicine — comprising bioactive additives and anti-cancer drugs. Based on the use of germanium many nanotechnological solutions.
Key properties of germanium products such as optical performance and mechanical strength, defined nanoscale coatings that make up the know-how of production.
Production is equipped with unique measuring tools and other advanced equipment, including CNC machines for cutting and spherization blanks. In the near future to the existing fleet of machines added equipment for fine grinding and polishing of optical components and substrates. On the production will also be set high Czochralski furnace for growing single crystals of germanium.
Novomoskovskoe production of germanium and its products is part of a large-scale manufacturing complex LLC "Germanium and Applications" extensible in a joint project with RUSNANO. In Primorye, the area being mined coal mine germanium coal.

A few kilometers away from the field is expandable and upgradeable production germanium concentrate. Openable Novomoskovsk manufacture of electron-optical components technologically linked to chemical production, which is recovered from germanium materials generated in the production of billets and products.

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