In the Tula region opened a new plant for the production of compound feed

In p.Maklets city municipality Novomoskovsk a ceremonial commissioning of the plant for the production of granular feed of "Harvest".

The new production units equipped, allowing to make an hour to 20 tons of pelleted feed more than a dozen different varieties. The automated process is controlled from the computer console.

This object is the basic element for the entire group of companies specializing in agricultural business. This large enterprises, such as "Meat Alliance", "Novomoskovskaya Agrosistema", "Pig reproducers" Korablino. " Many businesses are now able to operate in a "complete" cycle.

The project investor A.V.Kartashov noted that the agricultural sector of the Tula region is quite a lot of potential and a new feed mill — is the third project, successfully commissioned.

The investor of the project expressed his gratitude to the management of the Tula branch of "Russian Agricultural Bank", with whose financial support of the project was implemented.

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