In the Tula Regional Hospital launched a new CT scanner

March 12 in the department of clinical radiology and diagnostic center GOOSE THAT "Tula Oblast Clinical Hospital" was put into operation a new 160-slice multidetector CT scanner (CT) of the latest generation with unique performance characteristics that allow for high-precision studies with minimal time expenditure .

The new CT scanner was set in the framework of the modernization of health care in Tula region in 2011-2012.

The device allows you to not only get images, but also allows you to watch almost "real" time physiological processes in the brain and heart.

Another feature of the device is the ability to scan a body (brain, joints, spine, heart, lungs, and other organs) during one revolution of the x-ray tube. The new scanner can examine the object for a long distance (up to 1 meter), which opens new perspectives for examination and diagnosis of vascular disease.

X-ray computed tomography has a number of advantages, such as non-invasive, no need for hospitalization, the possibility of anatomical and functional assessment, the rate of information, which ultimately determines the convenience of the patient and the physician.

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