In the Tyumen homebuilding company opened a new shop

Workshop on production and piles of parts for the construction of houses from prefabricated monolithic frame (QMS) has opened the company "TDSK." With the launch of the new production created an additional 49 jobs.

1.5 years ago on the site of the new production was crumbling ground. But in a short time the building was gutted and allocated two lines for the production of piles and carcass capacity of 14 thousand cubic meters. meters per year, or 1,400 piles per month.

In the year of this production will be able to produce 60 thou. m. meters of housing. The new production will reduce construction costs and ease the weight of the building by about 20%. Among the advantages of the technology of construction precast reinforced frame and high speed construction of the building and flexible layout of the premises.

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