In the Tyumen region built a high-tech plant for deep processing of wheat

In Ishim district of the Tyumen region, near the village of Zyryanka, started the construction of high-tech plant for deep processing of wheat "Siberian lysine." Capacity of the new company will process 120,000 tons of wheat a year.

The total project cost for the construction of the plant is estimated at 3.8 billion rubles. 2 billion of them — local Agroholding. The plant is scheduled for commissioning in 2015. It is planned to create 200 jobs.

Construction of the plant for deep processing of wheat began in mid-May. Now at the construction site, which occupies 12.5 acres, are conducted mainly preparatory, earthworks. Laid the foundations for elevator with a capacity of 60,000 tons of grain, with an annual demand for 120,000, and the mill to 350 tons.


The plant will be not only highly effective source of the basic amino acid L-lysine, as well as feed, gluten, gluten-free and protein-vitamin mineral concentrate with a protein of about 40% (for a balanced diet of animals).

Approximately 65% of lysine produced will be exported, 30% will be implemented in the territory of the Urals to the Far East. 5% will be fed to the animals in their own enterprise.

The project can be called international, for cooperation to supply the equipment is with the different countries of the world: Germany, Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria.

For the record:

The final product, which will let the company — it is about 40 thousand tons of sulphate of lysine per year, as well as 10 tons of gluten, 30 tonnes of protein-vitamin mixture concentration of 40%.

Lysine — an amino acid that enriches and makes a balanced diet for birds and animals, and for this purpose necessary protein and vitamin mineral concentrate. Made serve gluten additive for improving the stickiness of flour.

Agricultural holding "Jubilee" — a large company that is actively developing in the Russian agricultural sector. The company — a leader in pork production in the region. The main areas of work: vegetal sector, pig breeding, feed production, meat processing, wholesale trade and retail.

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