In the Voronezh region tractor alien stone found

May 14, 2012 8:54

Approximate dating of the artifact — 2.5 — 3000 years before Christ.

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Photo from

Unique figure of the Bronze Age found at the local tractor plowing a field. Worker stumbled across an old article in the vicinity of the village of Pokrovka Pavlovsky District about six years ago. Worth finding all this time gathering dust in his house until he fell into the hands of people who are fond of archeology, who could give her evaluation. Now the product is in a private collection.

The subject is a naked anthropomorphic figure with a large egg-shaped head with large eyes. Adjacent to the head of the upper limbs and lower limbs flexed. Product recalls formed a kind of "classic" image as alien humanoids.

According to archaeologists, the statuette depicts a thinker and a hand made of marl — sedimentary rock. Approximate dating — 2.5 — 3000 years before Christ. This Bronze Age. But cultural identity artifact set is difficult. Even despite the fact that close to her still found scaphoid ax. Probably the statue was used in rituals and embodied some deity.

According, similar finds of the Bronze Age are very rare. So, for example, is still a mystery to scientists from a black granite statue depicting a seated man, which was found in the last century in the southern Urals. Another famous "Thinker" archaeological culture Hamandzhiya found in the necropolis of the Romanian Cernavoda.

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