In Togliatti launched a line for processing of used tires

Togliatti, 05.10.2011g.

At the enterprise for sorting and recycling of household and industrial waste, which is part of the Civil Code "EkoVoz" started production line for recycling of used tires.

As the press service of "EkoVoza" line will allow to process a month to 300 tons of used tires and other rubber waste into valuable raw materials — rubber crumb. The use of crumb rubber can significantly improve the quality of asphalt pavement, and produce collapsible cover for playgrounds and sports grounds. Processing line is a set of hardware on which the tires originally exempt from cord-rings, then cut into large pieces with the help of special friezes, and then be crushed into gravel. Pneumatic moves the received material on which it is removed from the metal and textile fibers. The size of the finished crumb rubber can be adjusted depending on the needs of the customer.

"The method of processing and power equipment was not chosen by chance. Last year, we launched the production equipment of injury prevention coating — rubber tiles, and tiles that have already been able to evaluate the residents of Samara and Togliatti, — said General Director of the Group of Companies "EkoVoz" Alexander Dushkov. — Part of playgrounds renovated this year, is covered with a tile. Launch of the new equipment will not only keep the quality tiles at a high level, but will also lead to a decrease in its value. Power is running line will process all tires produced not only in Togliatti, but in Samara and other cities in our region. Thus, we have made another step towards the actual establishment of the Samara region of the cluster for processing waste. Now the conditions for the opening of sorting facilities in the area. Selected for their waste PET bottles, other plastics, rubber and now — we are ready to be processed at our complex. "

FAQ: Company "EkoVoz" provides a full range of services for the treatment of all types of waste (collection, transportation, processing, disposal), improvement and maintenance of buildings and grounds, environmental support, and collects recycled materials and selling the finished products made from recycled waste.

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