In Tomsk developed a technology polishing intricate parts

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New technology is used in the industry to improve the mechanical, electrical and chemical properties of surface layers of metallic materials.

Polishing many complex parts, such as stamps, molds, metal dentures is a very complex and time consuming task.

Company Ltd. "Microsplav" (Tomsk) in collaboration with experts Institute of High Current Electronics The technology and equipment for pulsed electron-beam polishing surface materials and forming metal alloy surfaces.

The enterprise has commissioned a comprehensive laboratory facility "RITM-SP", designed to generate surface alloys of controlled composition. The installation is a source of low-energy electron beams are combined with two magnetron sputtering systems in the same vacuum chamber and allows the deposition of thin films of different materials on the surface of the desired product, followed by liquid phase mixing of the film and substrate materials using intense pulsed electron beam. When this thickness of the surface alloys are formed from fractions to tens of microns.
One of the most important applications of the installation is the electron-beam polishing. The use of pulsed electron beam makes it significantly easier and faster polishing dozens of times. Irradiation low-energy electron beams causes a rapid heating of the surface in a vacuum at a high temperature and melting a thin surface layer. It is important to note that the electron beam varnishing, unlike manual or mechanical, are not used abrasive, which is not always allowed, because it can be implemented in a polished surface, where it remains as inclusions.

Thus, electron-beam treatment leads to polishing, homogenization and nanostructuring of the surface layer of the workpiece. Such treatment may also be used for removing surface layers of waste products. At present, the new technology has already been successfully used in the industry to improve the mechanical, electrical and chemical properties of the surface layers of metallic materials ensuring the highest quality of treatment.


Author: Alexei Labunsky

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