In Tomsk university have developed a method of producing cheap fuel

Scientists at Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) found a way to make fuel briquettes from low-grade fuels — sapropel (sediments), peat and brown coal, which in calorific value (the amount of heat released during combustion) are black coal, and have the lowest cost, according to RIA Novosti on Thursday one of the developers of novel Tabakaev.

Development was presented at the exhibition-presentation "of products, technologies and services to businesses and organizations of scientific and educational complex municipalities Tomsk region" for municipalities south of the Tomsk region. Such exhibitions are held to acquaint villagers with innovative designs Tomsk companies and universities.

"We produce briquettes from low-grade fuel — peat, lignite, wood waste. Even from sapropel, which is actually the ground. Several similar products on the market. But those bricks are destroyed on contact with water and are more expensive — very expensive for their production of -for the need to use laminating presses for molding bricks. briquettes And our hands can sculpt, equipment needed less powerful ", — the spokesman said.

The scientist noted that the cost per tonne of fuel he developed is about 1 thousand rubles, several times cheaper than coal. At the same calorific value of the fuel pellets is almost equal to the calorific value of coal.

"The main innovation is that the proposed new technology. It consists of three stages. Thermally We process the feedstock without oxygen and obtain as a result of low-grade fuel three products: a fuel gas which is burned in the works, carbon residue, and the resin used directly for briquettes ", — Tabakaev added.

He said that at present the developers with the grant of the federal program "Nerd" are applied, the industrial design of automated line for the production of briquettes. Creation of a complex for the production of 20 tons of fuel per day — enough to supply heat a small village — would cost about 6 million rubles. In the near future they plan to find investors to enter the market.

According Tabakaeva, the main consumers of the new fuel will be residents of the northern districts.

"Coal them to take a very expensive: it is already in Tomsk is 2.5 times more expensive than in Kuzbass. Electricity is also very expensive — almost 5 rubles per kWh", — said the scientist.

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