In Tomsk, will manufacture implants

Ltd. "Moye Ceramic Implants" opens on October 18 in the new Research and innovation center in the southern area of the SEZ "Tomsk" manufacture of orthopedic, dental and neurosurgical implants, certified by European standards.

Given the enterprise focus on exports, leading experts from Germany, Italy, the U.S., South Korea and India have expressed their willingness to participate in the opening ceremony and offered a partnership in the development of the project.

At present, the company's specialists are in Germany training on new equipment, conduct training and its acceptance for transportation to Russia. Equipment installation and commissioning is scheduled for September 2013.


The company "MOJE Ceramic Implants" was founded in 2009. In that same year she became a resident of SEZ "Tomsk". Ltd. "MOJE Ceramic-implant" is a joint Russian-German enterprise that united the German ceramic processing technology and Russian bioinzhiniringovye technology. In the product development company working with leading companies in the USA, the UK and Japan. During the work of its clients in dozens of leading clinics of Russia, the CIS, India. All products are manufactured under German brand «MOJE Keramik-Implantate», well-established in the global clinical community.

Ltd. "MOJE Ceramic Implants" develops and manufactures implants joints of the hand, foot, wrist, and dental and neurosurgical implants from nanostructured zirconia-oxide ceramics. Implants are made of zirconium oxide powder submicrocrystalline yttrium-stabilized, with kostepodobnoy surface modification as recorded in the bone.

Currently, in collaboration with foreign partners, conducting research on the production of implants from other polymeric and composite materials for implantation in diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, etc.

Currently, the sales structure covers almost all the cities and regions of the Russian Federation, both directly and through sub-agents and dealers. Start of exports to CIS countries (one of the first allies became Kazakhstan). Debugged system of selling in Asia (currently active work with leading Indian hospitals and coordinated the work of several dealers). Work has started on entering the U.S. market, and China.

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