In Torzhke showed new helicopters Mi-35 and Ka-52

Ka-52 — command vehicle Army Aviation and Marine Corps, carrying out reconnaissance, target designation and coordination of military helicopters

During a training flight crews worked through various tactical scenarios 


When creating the Ka-52 was used and 85% of units and aggregates of the Ka-50, which simplifies the organization of its serial production 


Serial production of "Alligator" at the "Progress" was launched in October 2008


For automatic exchange of intelligence and information between the sighting of helicopters in the group with the command post control helicopter equipment has closed connection


The Mi-35 is designed to destroy armored vehicles, fire support of ground troops, landing and evacuation of the wounded, as well as the transportation of goods in the cabin and externally 


A prototype of the Mi-35M for the Russian Air Force helicopter demonstrator "board 50", resulting refinement of the previously issued Mi-24


Adopted Russian Defense Ministry received 24 units of Mi-35M

In the Russian Air Force as long as that remains an acute shortage of modern all-weather helicopters and special forces to support such machines, capable of flying at any time and in any weather, especially important 

These helicopters are much easier to learn, and they can be entered into the combat units faster than the latest Mi-28 

For the purchase of this helicopter has already signed an agreement with Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Venezuela, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, India, Peru


Production of the Mi-35M is engaged in the enterprise "Rostvertol", which for more than 70 years manufacturing aviation equipment, including more than 55 years — the helicopters of Mi

The military called the Mi-35M "Crocodile" 

Unlike the prototype of Mi-24P, Mi-35M is equipped with a three-blade tail rotor, retractable landing gear, "long" unit, armed with a gun fixed installation with double-barreled gun GSH-30K 30-mm


Mi-24P was the first Soviet and the second in the world (after the AH-1 "Cobra"), a specialized attack helicopter

The Mi-28 is designed to find and destroy tanks and other armored vehicles in the face of strong enemy fire


The first sample of the Mi-28 was designed primarily for the removal of performance and was not carrying weapons systems 

Development of the Mi-28 was carried out at the Moscow Helicopter Plant. Mil in 1980 in a creative competition with the Kamov design bureau, created an alternative combat helicopter Ka-50 


The simulator flight simulation Mi-8, located in the Center of the deployment and retraining pilots of army aviation in Torzhok 

The simulator can simulate any environment in the air, any weather conditions. As the graphic bases used by the neighborhood airfield "Adler"  

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