In Tula open universal rifle factory

Today, during his visit to the city of Tula, vice-premier of the Russian government in charge of "defense", Dmitry Rogozin, said that on the basis of the Tula arms factory (TOZ) can be created by the company for the production of modern universal firearms. "You can be deployed on the basis of the Tula arms factory versatile shooting a plant that will manufacture existing and innovative types of weapons," — said Rogozin told reporters. Also, Deputy Prime Minister added that it is possible that this plant begin production of "Strike» («Strike») — a new domestic intelligence gun.

Note that the novelty of the domestic small arms gun battle "Strike" Rogozin gunsmiths demonstrated in January. Currently, this gun while being tested. According to RIA Novosti, it differs in the absence of external fuse, but is completely safe for instant shooting. Simply put, the "Strike" works on the principle — "pulled and shoot." Also, the distinctive feature of the new gun is improved and an accelerated rate of change of the store. The exact characteristics of the new military weapons have not been disclosed.

Rogozin tried out "Strike" in-dash Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant. After that, said that the latest technology is a unique, unequaled in the world still do not exist. According to the vice-premier, if the gun until the end of the year will be put into production, it will give the "overtaking effect."

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