In Tula opened Department of simulation training and medical genetics center

Tula doctors will be trained on simulators

Tula doctors are now able to work out medical skills on the simulators. In the city of gunsmiths in the training center of Postgraduate Medical Education Department opened the Tula region of simulation training.

Learning Center will annually train 150 doctors of different specialties. Purchase of modern equipment was made possible thanks to a program of modernization of health care. Total spent about 25 million rubles. As the Deputy Chief of Surgery with the Tula Oblast Hospital Vladimir Marijke, "… the center will accelerate the implementation of the most advanced technologies in the hospitals of the region."

In Tula opened the Medical Genetics Center

During the year, there can be observed more than 15 thousand women.

Medical Genetics Center is now in Tula, on the basis of the regional perinatal center. Create it was possible thanks to the federal program for the development of prenatal diagnosis. The center will operate three laboratory equipment procured the necessary biochemical and ultrasound systems.

This will allow for early pregnancy to detect chromosomal abnormalities, congenital and hereditary diseases in the fetus. Results of the analysis of 99% is valid. In the year is planned to survey more than 15 thousand women.

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