In Tuva, distribute cows

Almost 50% increase for the year in Tuva population of elite breeds of cows.

 600 Hereford bought in March last year in Khakassia, after which they were allocated to livestock farms Tuva, which were selected on a competitive basis.

Almost 50% increase in the number of cows elite Hereford for the year in Tuva. The total number currently stands at more than 870 heads — this was reported in the regional government.

"In a herd of 277 head of Hereford was supplemented on April 1. On average, 46 — to 100 head is at the moment a business out of young animals. According to experts, for the cattle, which gives the first offspring and passed acclimatization — which is very good" — noted in the government.

New breeders will be transferred on a competitive basis 59 goals litter in July of this year, these breeders are members of the program of development of beef cattle — authorities said. Hereford — is cow meat breed that is bred in Britain. This breed to Siberian conditions very well adapted, one of the most delicious is its so-called "marbled meat."

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