In Tuva, in the last few days commissioned several social facilities

1. In the village of Kyzyl-Aryg Tandy region of Tuva families with children received a great gift: a solemnly put into operation a new kindergarten "Little Boy."


It was built in just five months. Modern comfortable building will take 50 children: one group of three, as announced by the head of the "baby" of Milan Salchak, is a group of short-term stay, preparation for school. The spacious, warm rooms kindergarten still smells of paint, but already have a bright new standard modular furniture and kitchen equipment, and on the playground near the building constructed coil. Last week builders spent day and night in the "kids" to be on time. They were assisted by the villagers. Kindergarten will provide jobs for 11 people.


This garden can be very useful: Kyzyl-Aryg — the village, growing rapidly, there are many young families and 68 pre-school children, of whom only 30 were attending kindergarten, and the area around the Tandy for 11 months of the year to 315 babies were born. Next year, construction will begin in kindergarten Balgazyn.


Galina Kudryavtseva, head of the kindergarten village Volodymyrivka (Aryg-Bazhi) congratulating colleagues noted that in recent years much has been done in the Tandy: asphalted roads were built and the construction of new houses, made in Durgene bridge, reconstructed building orphanage in Kochetovo and hotels in Bai Haacke. But more needs to be: in particular, through the Ministry of Youth in Bai Haake started the construction of a sports complex in the future, he will take visitors. And highlighted Galina Kudryavtseva, before it became aware of the decision to increase the salary of kindergarten teachers, to take additional measures to modernize the scope of pre-school education.

2. In an inaccessible region of Tuva Todzha overhauled a boarding school for children and built a gym.


As intended for children requiring long-term treatment and rehabilitation boarding school built in 1964 was renovated residential and academic buildings. The work carried out at the expense of the funds received under the program of modernization of education and the state budget of $ 6.5 million rubles. During the summer break was repaired heating system, rewiring and been redecorated. The main thing — the first time in the history of the school built a new gym.

-With the introduction of the gym gym classes become full, during the school year, children had an opportunity to engage in team sports like volleyball, basketball — told the gym teacher Arbyk Tavakal.

However, as it turned out during the conversation, the gym equipment is in need of sports equipment. " It was decided to send the new mats for sports groups to fight.

Arbyk Tavakal, in addition to regular classes, has opened a section of karate, which proved very marketable.

3. Commissioned a new building Derzig-Aksynskogo neuropsychiatric orphanage.


On the eve of the International Day of Disabled Persons, which is celebrated annually on December 3, the team Derzig-Aksynskogo neuropsychiatric orphanage received a welcome gift — a new building the children's department. The opening ceremony was attended not only by veterans of Social Services, spent nearly half a century in the walls of the orphanage, but the villagers Derzig-Aqsa.

Housing construction was begun in 2004 under the program "Children of Russia — Children of Tuva" but then it was frozen due to lack of money in the national treasury. In 2009, funding resumed.

Two-storey building will be the first block of the whole complex of the orphanage, which is planned to build here, what should be spent more than 170 million rubles.

Boarding school was founded in 1959 in Seserlige Pii-Khem district, he later moved to the town Tardy Kaa-Khem district. And from July 1, 1978 with all the buildings and re-boarding transported erected in the village Derzig-Aqsa. While in the village, there were only a few houses. Despite the lack of housing, some workers boarding, remaining faithful to his cause, and not willing to part with their wards, moved with them to Derzig-Aqsa and the first time until late autumn lived in wooden sheds. Gradually, the village has grown — the emergence of boarding the impetus for the development of the village.

Boarding House also highlighted in the car of a social program, developed and approved in conjunction with the Office of the Pension Fund in Tuva. Director of the institution Radmir Namzyray was extremely happy gift, and the climax was the ceremonial cutting of the red ribbon at the entrance to the new building of the boarding house.

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