In Tuva master shinomontazhki saved by fire 4 young children

On the telephone number of the fire number 15 on the protection of the Tes-Khem district of Tuva received a report of a fire in a two-family residential building at the address:. Samagaltai, ul.Kunaa, 36, the official website of General Administration of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Tyva.

On the call, whose rank was compared to the first, left 2 branches in 5 members of the personnel. Next door, a tire shop, this day worked Sholban Shimetovich Sandy. He heard a clap in a neighboring apartment, it was the sound of breaking glass. At the same moment, he ran outside and saw valivshey next door thick smoke.

Knowing that the neighbors have minor children, Sholban Sandy, without hesitation, broke down the door, penetrated deep into the smoky apartment, and began to search. The first in the kitchen, he saw two children, brought them to the hands of the person to fresh air. Continued searching until he found in the living room of two young children.

Thanks to a professional, competent and heroic actions Sandy Sholban Shimetovicha on fire was rescued four minors, the youngest of whom was only two months, and the senior — 6 years.

His heroic act was marked by the Head Office of Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia on RT. Deputy Head of General Wladyslaw Solontsov considers it a good example for all the people of Tuva.

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