In Tuva, opened a new gold processing plant

Swedish mining company Auriant Mining AB has opened the field Tardan, 78 km from Kyzyl gold processing plant, which at first in 2013 on capacity will based on heap leaching technology to get 1 tonne of gold per year.

The final permission to launch a new production was obtained from the territorial structure Rosnedr opening day, August 24.

The first gold produced was sent for refining in August 2012. Today the factory is on the field Tardan produced 55 kilograms of gold.

General Director Igor Oglov Tardanskogo mine, the Holders of the insignia "Miner's Glory", introduced to the technological cycle of production, test runs which were made in July and August and had good results. 

Tardanskoe gold deposit was discovered in 1964. Tardanskoe gold deposit and Tardansky-placer gold ore node are in the right bank of river. Bai Syut, one of the lower tributaries. Kaa-Khem in the Kaa-Khem kozhuun. At the site of the mine is 41 ore body. Gold reserves, inmates in 31 ore body are 7.37 tons, ore occurrences Soruglug-Khem and Badger — 16.2 m

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