In Tyukalinskaya (Omsk region) there is a non-waste wood

In Tyukalinskaya local company "AC-Les" established production from waste sawmill modern fuel briquettes for stoves and fireplaces. They are even Muscovites. The product complies with the European standards.

So-called "evrodrova" showed the governor of the Omsk region Viktor Nazarov, paid a working visit Tukalinsk. The governor was pleased with what he saw and praised for creating a modern production plant director Alexander Yershov. 

— We see a perfect example of a business from scratch, when people with an initiative to create real output and jobs, pay taxes and thereby increase budget revenues — not only regional but also local, — Said after a tour of the company Viktor Nazarov. — Of course, such a business should find support in government. In the region need to create an investment climate in order to attract not only large companies, such as the group "Polyplastic" or "TGC-11", but also made it possible to develop small businesses. 

For the production of a new type of fuel used by the current sawmill waste. Already, the production of "euro-fuelwood" reached the point of 20 tons per day. The plant has modern equipment: gas generator, the Belarusian plant for crushing wood and manufacture of fuel briquettes, pellets line for packaging, as well as the Finnish production line edged timber.

At the same time, modern woodworking complex closed-loop is also involved in logging, sawing and planing wood. Half of the final products of the plant — veneer, plywood, various boards and panels — mainly supply companies Omsk region. Other areas of supply are the Moscow region and Kazakhstan. 

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