In Tyumen nearing completion construction of the metallurgical plant

The new plant will produce high-quality steel, provide jobs Tyumentsev 1000 and will be environmentally safe — told reporters the regional governor Vladimir Yakushev and CEO of "UMMC-Holding" Andrew Kozitsin at a briefing during a working visit to the factory.

The plant is located in the city — on the first kilometer Starotobolsokgo tract. It is worth it Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company, with the support of the Government of the Tyumen region. From now concluded, as said Vladimir Yakushev, a standard set of investment agreements. The area provides investors with full facilities: on property, land and transport tax in the future — for income tax.



Area UMMC and financially supported: the allocated budget of 600 million rubles build a substation, which will promote the production of electric power.
"You could say that it is we — the heart of the plant", — says head of networks and substations Dmitry Semenov. Key future consumers of energy — electric arc furnace and "ladle furnace." For them, the substation transformer has two 220/35 kV. The rest of the plant equipment will work from two transformers of 220/10 kV. They are produced, respectively, Zaporozhye and the Togliatti plant.

Togliatti transformer.



The plant will operate for recyclables — recycle scrap, which will be assembled in the north of the area, and if necessary — and across the country. Scrap with four cranes will be loaded into the bucket, and using them to cross badevoza to electric shop.



The molten steel is poured, steel ladle is coming to "ladle-furnace" for doping



Further in the degasser steel removes excess gases. Well, the final stage of electric smelting plant — continuous casting machine.

Zone preform ejecting section of the furnace



In varietal factory shop will be located light-section rolling mill designed to produce a wide range of rolled sections, including — particularly accurate rolled, thermo-mechanically hardened reinforcing steel. It is planned to produce uglerdistuyu, low alloy, alloy steel, stainless steel.
In order to produce rolled must first download the preform into the heating furnace. There are two possibilities: loading blanks from the warehouse or 'fresh', with continuous casting machines.





The process of production of rolled products in the refrigerator, where it will be cool and overpacked. Line rolling mill is long enough — about 400 meters and is fully automated. "Apply a fairly high level of automation, and the entire line — from feeding to finished rolled practically operated by one person, with one remote. Heavy manual labor here is not enough. We can say that this unique camp in Russia so far "- boasts rolling production engineer Vladislav Vasin.
Poizvodimoy metal plant is designed for the construction industry, oil and gas companies and engineering and will be supplied mainly to the domestic market: all the Tyumen region, as well as Omsk, Kurgan and Sverdlovsk oblisti.

"There is a closed water cycle: all the water from the mill, which comes to cool, collected, supplied to a treatment plant, cooling down and back to the camp. There are no harmful emissions ", — assured the journalists Vladislav Vasin. There will be problems, the assurances of the director of "UMMC-Holding" Andrew Kozitsyna, and the lack of water. Fuel the vicious cycle to only 200 cubic meters of water per hour. Head of Networks and substations Dmitry Semenov also certain safety equipment entrusted to him: "For example, in the case of release of oil from the transformer switchgear equipped with a sump that can accommodate all of the oil, so it is not released into the environment." "This is — the standard European plant meets all the requirements of the plants in the European Union", — said Andrey Kozitsin.

Iron Works — is 1,000 new jobs, but now working here, mostly visiting specialists from UMMC. Tyumentsev occupied mainly by the electrical work. Vladimir Yakushev said during the briefing is scheduled to decide the personnel issue: "We have repeatedly said that this is a new industry for the Tyumen region, and initially trained specialists to find and close all — just unreal. I think that UMMC will attract professionals from its holding company in order to fully and accurately plant earned. And then everything will depend on how we are going to work in this direction. It is important that those specialties, which will need this plant came to work Tyumentsev. But they need to cook. To prepare them, we have to define the basic educational institutions, training program. And, in principle, such an agreement, we have such a program is feasible. " The idea of educating local professionals and support Director of UMMC. According to him, the workers will be entered into a collective agreement, they will be given a standard benefits package. Will protect the rights of the workers union.


Run the plant is scheduled for the end of the year. "If the federal grid company let us down and we get the energy of the input, and to do that you need to build a high-voltage power lines from the station, 15 December must pass all of the electrical part, to have time this year to try and get an electric furnace hot metal. Rolling Mill Run and get profiled metal we have in the first quarter of 2013, "- shared his plans Andrei Kozitsin.

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