In Tyumen opened Moscow interchange, built in record time

Only half-year needed to builders of "Mostostroy-11" in order to build a large object. The opening of a two-level interchange Tyumentsev looked forward. Today, its traffic is open, but still continue work on blagoustroystvu.Dvizhenie the new transport interchange at the intersection of the bypass road and the Moscow road opened today. The plans — extension of the street Moscow highway. The regional governor Vladimir Yakushev at the opening was not, as announced earlier. Officially opened today isolation Deputy Governor of the Tyumen region Yevgeny Zabolotnyi, mayor of the city of Alexander Moore, chairman of the Tyumen Regional Duma Sergey Korepanov and CEO of "Mostostroy-11" Nicholas Russo. 













Deputy Governor congratulated the builders and Tyumentsev the opening and said that the outcome was built in record time — within 6 months. "And they [the builders] preserved pieces of nature surrounding the isolation, "- He added. 
"Modern facilities, equipment and qualified professionals and interaction with the authorities allowed us to build a schedule so that there is no downtime — said Nicholas Russo. — When we switched traffic from one lane to another, doing sessions and, therefore, affect the lives of some drivers — they had to go around the ring and through the airport Chervishevsky path — we were better, and could build without stopping. " He also added, based on its 30 years of experience, that 6 months for such an object — it is a record for the period of construction of the Russian Federation.[Youtube] rUVu8vOS794 [/ youtube] 

Length of the overpass is 408.96 meters. The total length of Congresses — 2899 meters. During the construction of interchanges constructed 55 poles, piles shipped in 2017, installed 3987 cubic meters of reinforced concrete, asphalt covered nearly 66,000 square meters of roadway. With more than 10,000 meters of railing and barrier fencing. In carrying out the work involved more than 350 people.











The next stage of construction in this part of town will be an extension of the street Moscow highway. This was announced by the head of the city administration Alexander Moore. "Now pass state examination project to expand the canal streets of Moscow. I think that before the end of the year, we go through it and declare the contest. In 2013, the expansion will start from the exit before crossing the street Kalinin. If the contractor who wins the contest will be run at the same pace next year we will be able to extend this road, "- he said. Of course, the roads will be temporarily overlap — build without it is impossible, but worth a little patience, then to comfortably get off to his home, according to the official.

"Today, in the six major transport infrastructure, which will play a very important role in traffic management. The first of these, we discovered today. Now we are working together with the "Mostostroy-11" at Junction Melnikaite-Shirotnaya. Also, "Mostostroy-12" was released on a large object on the street Installers. In two large bridges over the River Tour — by Chelyuskintsev and Melnikaite. And another very important subject — on the outskirts of the city in the direction of Tobolsk. Over these objects, we on behalf of the governor, working closely. And as soon as they are completed, "- said Eugene Zabolotnyi. The six objects — a plan for 2013-2015.

The plans to build another 25 properties at the expense of the city budget, and 10 — at the expense of the regional. Thus, the city will be provided with a comfortable road infrastructure. These objects specialists will start after the previously mentioned six.

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