In Udmurtia built feed mill and poultry complex in growing turkeys

At the building site in the village of Ural region Sarapulsky unfolding construction and poultry feed mill complex for the production of turkey meat.

Here in the near future will establish a feed production of various kinds. Within an hour of experts will produce 10 tons of valuable food for farm and domestic animals as well as birds and fish. Most of the products will be used for the needs of the poultry farm, the rest will come on the market.

The customer is the Company "ASKOR", which will invest in the construction of more than 1.7 billion rubles.


As head of the company Igor Cho, turkey meat in Russia is very popular in developed countries consume 10-15 kilograms per year of this dietary product per capita, but we have so far only about 450 grams.

Recall that the investment project was approved back in 2010.

Customer and the contractors undertake an agreement at the end of the year the opening of the first stage of the new agro-industrial enterprises.

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