In Udmurtia, implemented an innovative telemedicine project

OJSC "Mobile TeleSystems" OJSC, the leading telecommunications operator in Russia and the CIS, and the ambulance station management Izhevsk Health Administration announced the implementation of an innovative telemedicine project aimed at improving the accuracy and reducing the time of the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease


The project ambulances are equipped with electrocardiographs with the function of remote data transmission via cellular communications.

The results of the electrocardiogram obtained during check out to the patient, the doctor promptly given to senior ambulance station for interpretation and advice. The ambulance crew is able to quickly and accurately determine the condition of the patients, to decide on the admission and to provide appropriate emergency care in the prehospital phase.

MTS provides the technological component for transmitting ECG with ECG readings via mobile communications. For the medical part of the project meets the "Company Neo" — a Russian manufacturer of medical equipment brand "Valenta".

"Cardiovascular diseases are now one of the most common causes of death in the country. That is why we have initiated this innovative project. Our plan is to ensure electrocardiographs "Valenta" most ambulances. We hope that the use of modern technology and the possibility of urgent consultations will help save the lives of hundreds of residents of Udmurtia ", — Said the chief doctor of ambulance station in Izhevsk Oleg Pruzan.

"Transfer of ECG mobile communication channels to maximize the quality of diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases in the prehospital and reduce the number of unnecessary visits of specialized cardiac ambulance crews. Thanks to the established in the ambulance telekardiografu, remove and transmit ECG can paramedic and an experienced cardiologist in a counseling center in a few minutes will clarify the diagnosis. We already have a successful experience in implementing similar projects in conjunction with MTS — currently the Medical Service of the Republic of Komi and the Krasnodar region responded to more than 150 mobile cardiographs with an operator SIM-cards ", — The head of the group of companies "NEO" Alexander Rubin.

"Today, mobile communication is no longer just a means of communication between individuals or business entities: thanks to the technology transfer of data between devices relationship can be, for example, an integral part of the medical diagnosis. We understand how important quality for successful implementation of innovations in medicine, and ensure that the reliability of the MTS network will implement the project at the highest level ", — The director of MTS in the Udmurt Republic Sergey Kurteev.

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