In Udmurtia, launched the project Own House


Country Village "Zelenodole" accredited in the Russian "Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending."

Let me remind you that the village became a pilot area in Udmurtia project of the party "United Russia", "My house." The village can accommodate just over 1,000 families and is located in an ecologically clean area suburb 7 km from Izhevsk on Sarapulskaya tract.

In April of this year a total area of 168 hectares of development began construction of the village, and in May the "Zelenodole" was accredited by JSC "Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending.

What gives it the potential buyer?

First of all, our customers will be an expanded range of banking services to the mortgage for the purchase of a ready home in the "Zelenodole", and, as a rule, at reduced rates: 7,9-11% per annum. Thus, the range of conditions for acquiring a house in the village expands. In addition to 100% of the payment and installment payment that is made available, LLC "Zelenodole", now there is a mortgage on a satisfactory% rate.

I note that in the "Zelenodole 'houses will be built that will be able to buy, first of all, people from middle-income homes and small size in the range from 60 to 150 square meters Cudite themselves: building a country house in the village "Zelenodole" comparable with the purchase of a 1-room apartment in the city — from 1,607,000 rubles for a house with land and let down by all utilities. Now our customers can still get a mortgage at low interest rates.

I believe that it's affordable housing economy. House with communications, advanced life and social infrastructure at this price, and even more so in a place on the bank of the pond — today it's really a fabulous deal.

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