In Ufa open first Demskoi overpass (photos)

Photo: "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", Sergey Slovokhotov

October 22, 2012 in the city of Ufa, the long-awaited event — the opening of the first stage Demskoi overpass.

Head of the branch "Bridge Construction number 30" ZAO "Uralmostostroy" Paul S. Rabuhin reported to the President of the Republic of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov that the order of the President on the construction of the first phase of the overpass and the interchange is satisfied. October 17 was tested object, the experts gave a positive conclusion. "Getting to the second stage — said Paul Rabuhin. — The following year, in July, she will be ready. "

Already, motorists can evaluate the long-awaited project: the first stage Demskoi overpass open two-way movement of vehicles.

Rustem Khamitov spoke about how the decision was made to build this strategic facility.

— Originating in 2010, drew attention to the fact that Dema have virtually shut down. In the morning and in the evening there was a huge flow of cars, huge traffic jams. Agreed to provide funding for the construction of an overpass. Today is a joyous event — the first stage of the overpass is commissioned. Even she is more active over the railway crossing. After the opening of the second stage for many years, the problem Dyoma, in terms of accessibility, will be solved — said Rustem Z..



Recall that the construction of an overpass over the railway line began in July 2011. The project also envisages the construction of the main road length of 2.07 km and local drives. The work is scheduled for completion in July 2013. Also for 2013 is planned to reconstruct the road Ufa-Dema, during which the track will be expanded and made more safe for the movement of cars. Together, these works provide a quality transport links and a residential district located on the territory dacha with Ufa Peninsula. With the prospects of development of the city and towards the Dyoma's Creek, Demsk overpass is a strategic target for the capital of Bashkortostan.



The project, in technical terms, it was difficult to implement. First, this line of heavily congested traffic. Many residents commute to jobs in the central part of the city. In addition, there are villages, the regional perspective building. Paramount importance and the railroad, located under the overpass. This is — part of the famous Trans-Siberian Railway. The unique construction of the first overpass is that the construction of the facility was going non-stop rail traffic.

Customer reconstruction of the overpass over the railway line stands Management Public Utilities and Public Works Municipal District Administration Ufa Republic of Bashkortostan. General Contractor — JSC "Uralmostostroy."



















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