In Uglich (Yaroslavl region). Opened a factory LLC Sim-Ross-Lamifil

March 15 in Uglich opened an innovative line of energy-efficient new generation bare wires at LLC "Sim-Ross Lamifil" for the state order of JSC "FGC UES for the Far East.

The project is to organize the production of energy-efficient new generation of bare wire was supported by the Supervisory Council of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in November last year. The project is accompanied by a "New Business" ASI.

The purpose of the project — upgrading power grids with modern energy-efficient power lines, reducing transmission losses. The development project promotes energy efficiency and energy security of the Russian energy sector in general, noted that the Ministry of Energy of Russia.

In the first stage at the "Sym-Ross-Lamifil" will work 40 people, with the introduction of the second phase will double the number of employees, and the implementation of the third stage of the number of employees will grow to 400 employees.

 Non-insulated high-voltage wire is innovative design of new materials with increased strength and conductivity. The volume of production of the wires in the factory in Uglich be up to 8 thousand miles a year.

With the launch of the second line of the plant — up to 16 thousand miles a year. In Russia no longer available for the production of high-quality wire rod, so the rod is in the early stages will be supplied by the Belgian company Lamifil, providing the technological component of the Project. On the 3rd phase is planned localization of raw materials — planned organization of our own foundry-rolling production of high-tech aluminum rod from Russian producers with capacity of 20 thousand tons per year.

Joint Russian-Belgian company "Sim-Ross Lamifil" in Uglich — the first and only company in Russia, producing a new generation of wire. Their use leads to a decrease in loss of power lines by 30-40% and increase the capacity of 1.5 — 2 times. Such conductors 25% stronger and 60% lighter than conventional stalealyuminevye they do not corrode and electrolyzed aluminum wires and between the non-metallic core. Their use can significantly reduce CO2 emissions, reduce the emissions and greater safety.

The total cost of the Project to organize the production of energy-efficient new generation bare wires 811 million rubles.

Attestation Commission of IDGC of the CSF provides recommendations on the use of wires at JSC "FGC UES" and JSC "IDGC Holding".

"Right now, our factory is located in the start-up finishes GOST certification. We had an important support of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives and direction of "New Business" — said the president of the Group of Companies "Sim-Ross" Nikita Topuridze. — The plant is placed its first order of JSC "FGC UES". The project is carried out in the Far East, it includes a crossing of the Zeya River, which can be done only with the use of our innovative technologies. Replacing old wires to the new achieves savings through lower losses of about 98 thousand rubles. 1 km line in the year and by an additional transmit power of 150 — 250 million rubles. per year per line. That is, the cost of building the lines are significantly reduced and the lifetime increases. "

"The project meets the priorities of modernization and economic development of the country — the director of the direction of the" New Business "ASI President" Leaders Club "Artem Avetisyan. — However, the existing state standards do not allow the full use of the advantages of such innovative products as the wires of the new generation.

With the assistance of the Agency February 15, 2013 Rosstandart addressed this issue with experts and market participants. Was defined plan of action on the issue of standards for the use of uninsulated high-voltage wires and a new type of wire rod from aluminum alloys. The program of development of national standards for 2013 include the development of two standards — Cable and wire rod, aluminum alloy.

Our joint work on updating the existing legal and technical documentation will remove administrative barriers to the introduction of new innovative solutions and create an enabling environment, including for other market participants planning to organize similar productions "- said Artyom Avetisyan.

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