In Uglich, Yaroslavl region opened a new building of a kindergarten for 60 seats

Back in 2007, it was decided to build a second building in the kindergarten "Fairy Tale". In 2008, construction began on the object and within a year were built the foundation and walls of the building. But due to the financial crisis in 2009-2010, almost no construction was carried out.

In 2011, work was resumed under the regional program "Ensuring the availability of pre-school education in the Yaroslavl region", 2011-2014. " The total cost of the work amounted to 51.3 mln., Including the regional budget — 26.6 mln., The local budget — 24.7 mln.

In addition to children's rooms in the new building housed a medical unit and the catering department with the necessary set of premises. In the old building of the "Tales" were made necessary repairs of the roof, the water supply and heat supply facilities of some groups of children. Replacement of plumbing fixtures and water heaters.

The works on landscaping preschool and installation of small architectural forms (there are four new sunshades, six renovated). In addition, new jobs for 16 people.

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