In Ukraine, the ceramic armor being developed for installation on various armored vehicles


The development of effective armor-piercing ammunition for small weapons required the adoption of measures to enhance the protection of unarmored and lightly armored vehicles.
Now the world is being actively developed new types of protection and reservation and one of those is a promising ceramic armor. Ukrainian developers are not left behind and also started development of this technology, albeit very late.

Thus, in Ukraine the ceramic armor used to protect equipment and personnel located in it, from the bullet of B-30, 12.7 and 14.5 mm from any distance. The required protective effect is due to the design features of the new armor consisting of a decorative (top, first, front), blunt (second) and retarding (third) layers.

Drobyasche-biasing layer is a kind of crystal lattice — a system of ceramic elements connected by "springs" of polymer. Lower (retarding) layer is made of steel alloys or composites.

Also, the use of such armor allows repair and restoration in the field, by replacing the damaged panels with new ones.

According to the test results suggested the real directions of modernization of used light armored vehicles. Weighed on her body crushing layer of particulate-composite armor will allow, with a slight weighting machine, ensure its protection against armor piercing bullets.

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