In Ukraine, the largest areas are located greenhouses in the CIS


Ukraine called the largest player in the greenhouse cultivation in the CIS. Ukrainian greenhouse industry is growing rapidly both in terms of reconstruction of existing facilities and construction of new ones. The volume of foreign and Ukrainian investments in greenhouses grow, thanks to rapidly growing demand for greenhouse vegetables and relatively low production costs, despite the rise in prices of energy resources — these are the key findings of the study "ProAgro".

In recent years the consumption of vegetables per capita increased. According to the research company "ProAgro" "Ukraine: fresh fruits and vegetables," gross greenhouse vegetables amounted to 374 thousand tons according to data for 2009, covering an area of 2.89 hectares (hereafter — with all the turns). The main vegetables are the cucumbers and tomatoes. In 2009, it collected only 179.8 thousand cucumbers and 117.3 thousand tons of tomatoes. Almost half of all vegetables provide Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv regions.
According to the 2010 greenhouse vegetables were produced by 0.5% more, ie 375.94 tons, an area of 2.87 hectares with a yield of 1 308.5 kg / ha.

In geographical terms can be identified Dnipropetrovsk region, which in 2009 received 28% of the total yield of greenhouse vegetables, or 78.9 tons Shares of Kyiv and Kharkiv regions were, respectively, 15% and 10%. Almost the entire volume (91%), Dnipropetrovsk farmers harvested from spring greenhouses. Kiev region 81% of the crop is grown in the winter greenhouses. Kharkov farmers specialize in both types of greenhouses.
In 2010, the leader remained Dnipropetrovsk region with a share of 20% of the collection with all speed. It was followed by the ARC (13%), Kharkiv (11%) and Kherson region (11%).

Yields have growth potential, although in households is relatively low. But 45% of the total production of greenhouse vegetables still have on the population.

Among the major industrial producers called BAT "Combine" Hothouse "GP" Pusha-Vodytsya "and LLC" Krymteplytsia. " They mainly focus on growing tomatoes.

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